Bible, Talmud and Kabbalah


Faculty: Andre Ivory

Learn the a rich history of the kings of Judah and Israel from the last days of David until the capture of Zedekiah by Nebuchadnezzar. This work is divided into two books, I Kings and II.

Known in Hebrew as “Vayikra”, The Book of Leviticus reveals how Israel was to live as a holy nation in both ritual and worship of G-d.

Known in Hebrew as “BaMidbar” ,The Book of Numbers covers the years of the Children of Israel’s wanderings in the desert of Sinai, and the leadership challenges faced by Moses and Aaron.

The Power of Positive Judaism
Inject a 1,000 blessings a day into your life with this exploration of how we can take basic Jewish concepts and traditions and create a positive, meaningful, and spiritual Jewish life.

Faculty: Marcie Lee, MSW

The Christian Bible’s Inspiration was the Glorious Bible of the Hebrew Nation
Marvel at how the Christian Bible was retrofit onto the TANACH (Hebrew Bible), & sharpen your ability to understand & articulate differences between Christian & Jewish Theology.

Biblical Brains and Bombshells: Explosive Stories Rarely Taught
Tackle explosive tales of strategic planning & shocking behavior. Understand exactly why so many extraordinary characters in the Hebrew Bible are unknown to you. Threatened by the conduct & cunning of characters who engage in contract killings, cannibalism & more, many teachers simply hide them from you!

Artful Encounters with the Hebrew Bible
Fine tune, recognize & revel in your amazing powers of observation! Use art as a portal to deeper understanding of Biblical text & tales.

Etcetera: Evolving Explorations of our Hearts
Discussions of human nature and the nature of humanity. Why do we hope and work for a peace that continues to elude us? Are we witnessing "clashes of civilizations" or civility clashing with immorality?

The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ~ Ground Zero of Nature and Human Nature

Faculty: Rabbi Barton Lee

Thoughts from Our Pops - Pirke Avot: Wise Maxims & Advice on Life From The Rabbis Of Old
Picture the earliest Rabbis as a bunch of guys around a TV arguing & commenting on every play of a football game. But the game our Rabbis were talking about is the “game of life.” Study of Pirke Avot (Sayings of the Rabbis) reveals Rabbinic wisdom on “the good life,” morality, human relationships, & how to be a Jew.

Faculty: Rabbi Yossi Bryski

Evening TORAH Study– The Weekly Portion
Join us for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on the weekly Torah portion. Drawing from the wisdom of the Talmud, Kabbalah and Chassidic Masters, the study group will focus on the relevance of the Torah’s teaching to our modern lives.

TALMUD, The Laboratory of Jewish Law
This is an opportunity to dive into the vast sea of the Talmud, the compilation of legal discussion between the greatest of sages. With its stimulating and mind-sharpening twists of logic, the Talmud represents the ultimate in Jewish scholarship.

Mystical Meditations for a Meaningful Life ~ The KABBALAH of the Aleph-Bet
Known as the secrets of the Torah, The Kabbalah is an age-old body of knowledge exploring the inner dimensions of G-d, man and the universe.

Going KABBALISTIC: The Basics of Jewish Mysticism
Kabbalah is a rich tradition of teachings that have been part of Judaism since antiquity. It offers amazing insight into the mysteries of life & spirituality. Kabbalah penetrates the human psyche & reveals the latent energy that is waiting to be unleashed.


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