AMERICAN JEWRY ~ American Jews Since WW II: Identity, Challenge & Success
How did WWII change American Jewish life? How will our grandchildren view the Holocaust? A look at Jewish politics & political Jews and a new consciousness influenced by the Vietnam War, Black Power & the 1967 Six Day War.
Faculty: Rabbi Barton Lee

Lincoln, the Jews & the Civil War.
An interesting and deeply moving examination of the role of American Jews in the Union and the Confederacy, as well as the relationship between President Lincoln and the Jewish community.
Faculty: Jay Roth

TR (Teddy Roosevelt) to FDR
With the election of TR, the US begins to emerge as one of the world’s great powers. At that time he was considered the strongest President since Abraham Lincoln and was a Zionist. Franklin Roosevelt enjoyed the overwhelming support of American Jews during his presidency. We will analyze his complicated and troubling relationship to Jews.
Faculty: Jay Roth

FDR to TRUMAN – Actions/ Inaction Speaks Louder than Words
FDR’s indifference and betrayal contributed to the annihilation of European Jewry. In private Truman shared unflattering private views about Jews. He is fondly remembered, though, for granting recognition to the State of Israel minutes after the state was re-created, but refused to send Israel weapons to defend itself against five invading Arab armies. An eye-opening analysis.
Faculty: Jay Roth


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