Jewish Life


Introduction to Judaism
A seven part series for both Jews and non-Jews to understand the basic tenets of Jewish life. A golden opportunity for interfaith couples as well as those interested in conversion to explore the many dimensions of Jewish ideas, observances, history, heritage, practices, ethics, traditions, and joys of Jewish life in a welcoming and pluralistic environment.
Faculty: Bob Westle

Good – Kindness, Compassion, Generosity, Patience and Humility
Jewish values inform every moment of our lives. Through studying and practicing these character traits, we truly fulfill the promise made to Abraham and Sarah- “And you shall be a blessing.” As Mordechai Kaplan taught, “Being Jewish is an exceptional way of being human.” How Being a Good Jew Can Make you a Good Person.
Faculty: Rabbi Bonnie Koppell

Mindfulness - You have a Choice, Choose to be Present!
How do we learn to live in the moment? How can we practice Judaism with clear-er intention and deeper meaning in our daily life?
Faculty: Paul Kerzner

The Power of Jewish: Judaism as a Roadmap to a Meaningful Life
An uplifting class which will enhance your own Jewish journey. An opportunity to mine Jewish sources and find their powerful messages for today. Among the topics covered are: The power of gratitude; the power of words; the power of Jewish community; the power of two-Israel & Diaspora; the power of prayer; the limits of G-d’s power; the power of memory; the power of Shabbat & the power of passion.
Faculty: Rabbi Barton Lee

Reflections of Elul
Elul, the month in the Hebrew calendar which precedes Rosh HaShana is traditionally a time for personal reflection and spiritual preparation for the New Year. It offers a unique opportunity to examine and take stock of our life and how we live that life. In Elul we can take concrete steps to making a difference and become a blessing to ourselves and others.
Faculty: Andre Ivory


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