Mothers Circle

A support group for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children

This is a special program for women who are raising Jewish children, are married to Jewish men but are themselves of a different faith.

This program allows women to share their experiences, gain support for their efforts and learn about Judaism in a way that enables them to raise a Jewish child.

Come to the "Meet and Greet"for future dates and general information.  
There is no cost for this program.

For further information contact:
Linda Feldman at or
Myra Shindler at

The Bureau of Jewish Education offers a wide range of programming for people and families--from couples to parents to grandparents. Our parenting programs and classes enable parents and grandparents to teach their children about Judaism so that they can create meaningful Jewish rituals, observances and traditions in their OWN HOMES. We encourage parents to assume the role of being their children's primary teacher and engage in Jewish learning and observance for themselves as well as for their children. The BJE's wide range of programming offers people opportunities to enhance their Jewish knowledge and to participate in Jewish living.

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