Awards and Scholarships for
Hebrew High Teens

For more information on any of the available awards and scholarships please contact Myra Shindler, BJE Director and Hebrew High Principal at

  2012 Bronkesh Jewish Spirit Prize Award Winner, Liana Sherman, Myra Shindler (Executive Director) and Bronia Cimmerman Bronkesh Z"L

2012 Bronkesh Jewish Spirit Prize Award Winner, Liana Sherman, Myra Shindler (Executive Director) and Bronia Cimmerman Bronkesh Z"L

Bronia & Sam Bronkesh
Jewish Spirit Prize

$500 Award

Essay contest honoring physical and spiritual resistance during the Holocaust

High School
FIRST PRIZE: $500.00
THIRD PRIZE: $100.00

7th & 8th Grade
FIRST PRIZE: $250.00

High School – Select one

Option 1
Research the topic of the Kindertransport and write an essay in which you compare and contrast other children’s experiences with Lisa Jura’s in The Children of Willesden Lane. By the end of the essay, discuss both the successes and limitations of the program, looking at individual stories. Are there any lessons to be learned from the Kindertransport that can be applied to today’s refugee crisis? Be sure to cite your sources using MLA format.

Option 2
The Children of Willesden Lane is an example of perseverance, passion, and spirit. Weave examples of these traits that we see in the book to your own passions, spirit, and perseverance. Please use MLA format when citing the book.

7th & 8th Grade

Auschwitz survivor Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote: “Forces beyond our control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

Lisa Jura, was, like Frankl, caught in the chaos of Hitler’s widening circle of atrocity. Forced to leave her family behind and to quickly flee to England as a refugee via the Kindertransport, she had only a small suitcase, her passion for music, and her mother’s words to “make something of yourself” to guide her. Describe how Lisa’s experience and your understanding of the history of the Kindertransport have influenced how you will choose to respond to life’s challenges and the challenges of others. 

SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE: February 9, 2018

Winning essay will be read at the community Yom HaShoah Commemoration in April 2018.
Every student who submits an essay will be recognized and receive a certificate of participation.

By submitting an essay, applicants certify that their essays are original, authored solely by them. Send your essays to Myra Shindler at 

Better Together Essay Contest Winners
$5000 or $8000 Scholarship

Individual student winners from the participating schools will receive scholarships of up to $5,000 per student towards a summer program or camp or $8,000 towards a gap year.

Graduation Gift to Israel
$5000 Gift

Hebrew High teens who attend at least 4 years of classes are eligible to receive a $5000 gift to Israel, to be used for post high school studies in Israel.

This can include a Gap Year or a semester abroad of study in Israel.

Sarah Levitz
Study Fellowship in Israel

$3000 Scholarship

Hebrew High teens can receive this scholarship money anytime during high school following your freshman year.

Eight week sessions are offered in the summer and during the school year, where you can learn and tour Israel while completing your high school academic classes.


Harold & Jean Grossman Teen Israel Experience Scholarship Fund

Going on an education trip? Don't forget to apply for a grant from: Harold and Jean Grossman Teen Israel Experience Scholarship Fund

The Harold & Jean Grossman Teen Israel Experience Incentive Grant was made possible by a generous endowment  the Grossman family established at the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, offers funding to encourage teens to participate in an Israel Experience program of at least a one-week duration.