Community Resources for
Interfaith/Mixed-Faith Couples & Families

Welcome to your Community Resource Guide. Here you will find information about the greater Phoenix Jewish community's offerings to welcome and assist couples and families where one spouse/partner is Jewish and the other is another religion. Below you will find what our diverse community has to offer.


12701 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 206
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Linda Feldman, Director of Family Education

The BUREAU OF JEWISH EDUCATION is a community agency offering a wide range of programming, classes and support for people of all ages and stages of life to learn about and participate in Jewish life and learning. The BJE is pluralistic, non-denominational, egalitarian showing respect and welcoming all. Among the programs to help mixed faith couples and families are Jewish Marriage University, Jewish Baby University for Expectant Couples, The Mother’s Circle—for non-Jewish Women married to Jewish men, The Grandparent’s Circle—for grandparents whose grandchildren are being raised in a two-religion home, Training Wheels for families of children 3-6 years and a myriad selection of classes to learn more about Judaism. These programs are generously sponsored by The Jonas Weil Endowment of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Mother's Circle - Program of the BJE
A support group for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children. This is a special program for women who are raising Jewish children, are married to Jewish men but are themselves of a different faith. This program allows women to share their experiences, gain support for their efforts and learn about Judaism in a way that enables them to raise a Jewish child. There is no cost for this program.
Call BJE for dates 480.634.8050

Grandparent's Circle - Program of the BJE
A support group for grandparents whose adult children have married out of the faith. Find ways to enhance or repair your relationship with your adult children.  Learn how to bring Judaism to your grandchildren within the parameters of your offspring’s rules. There is no cost for this program.
Call BJE for dates 480.634.8050

The Mother’s Circle and the Grandparent’s Circle are generously sponsored by
The Jonas Weil Endowment of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis

1118 W Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Rabbi Arthur Lavinsky

BETH EL CONGREGATION takes great pride in welcoming mixed faith families. Many partake in synagogue activities including the Women's League (formerly Sisterhood) and the Men's Club. Non-Jewish spouses are encouraged to be involved with the education and B’nai Mitzvah of their children and to address their children from the Bimah. On the Sabbath we make available certain readings to Jews and non-Jews alike. Beth El welcomes families from every possible configuration, which includes Jews married to other Jews, those married to non-Jews, those who live together but are not married, as well as gay and lesbian couples and their families. Beth El takes great pride on being a synagogue of "extreme welcome" and feels that everyone can find a place of honor at Beth El Congregation.

5858 E Dynamite Blvd
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
(602) 369-7667

CONGREGATION KEHILLAH serves North Phoenix and Scottsdale and welcomes interfaith couples and families. Kehillah is a vibrant Jewish community that continues to grow in directions determined by its members. Interfaith couples and families are accepted and warmly welcomed with open arms. One family said that they joined Congregation Kehillah “because of their willingness to accept our children”. Rabbi Sharfman meets with potential congregants and helps them make the decision if Kehillah is the right fit for them and their family.
For more information:

9096 E Bahia Dr Ste 106
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Rabbi Micah Caplan

CONGREGATION OR TZION is a multigenerational, highly participatory, welcoming, family friendly community in the north Phoenix/north Scottsdale area. We are affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and pride ourselves welcoming blended families and offering compelling programming, innovative learning opportunities and spiritual prayer services for all ages. These include Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, religious school, Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, adult education, youth groups, programs for adults, and so much more. This synagogue is, for all who enter, the doorway to a richer and more meaningful life.

12861 N 8TH Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Rabbi Erich Burech


CONGREGATION MERKAZ HA-IYR is families, singles, couples, retirees, young adults, and interfaith couples who have gathered to form a Jewish community in the heart of Phoenix. While many of us grew up in traditional Jewish families, some of us are in the process of joining the Jewish faith, and some of us are committed to raising Jewish children while maintaining our own faith-traditions. We invite those who are in any phase of their Jewish journey to worship, learn, and celebrate with us. We encourage everyone, regardless of how they self-identify, regardless of ethnic background, age, or sexual orientation to see themselves as cherished members of our congregational family.

We are a full-service congregation with High Holiday services, regular worship services, social activities, social action, adult education, family education, youth education, youth activities, and of course, Shabbaton. There is something for families, older adults, singles, empty nesters, and any type of grouping you could imagine.

P.O. Box 11479
Chandler, AZ 85248
Rabbi Irwin Wiener, National Co-Chaplain, Jewish War Veterans-USA
623-640-5913 (c)
623-975-4272 (h)


SUN LAKES JEWISH CONGREGATION welcomes interfaith couples to affiliate and actively participate in all rituals and activities. Adult Education classes for both people interested in learning about Judaism as well as those interested in conversion are offered. Rabbi Weiner officiates at interfaith weddings with the belief that it is important to attend to those who wish to maintain an identity with their heritage and not severe the ties that bind. Located in the southeast valley, Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation takes pride in embracing all and being a welcoming Jewish community.

12202 N 101st Ave
Sun City, AZ 85351
Rabbi Sheldon Moss


3400 N Dobson Rd
Chandler, AZ 85224
Rabbi Kenneth Leitner

TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM OF THE EAST VALLEY is the only Conservative Synagogue in the East Valley and is a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. We welcome interfaith families and partners in interfaith relationships to all services and events at our inclusive community. All of our families have a natural place to engage. Temple Beth Sholom also offers an annual Introduction to Judaism program that is offered at a minimal charge and is open to anyone interested in learning about Judaism from step one.

4645 E Marilyn Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Rabbi Mari Charnow & Rabbi Bonnie Koppell

TEMPLE CHAI offers a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment for every member of our diverse community. Over half of our congregation is engaged in interfaith relationships and we appreciate how our tradition and practice have been deeply enriched by individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds. Every program is open to all. Our prayer book is completely transliterated to facilitate the participation of those who do not read Hebrew. Our adult learning offers a variety of levels to accommodate learners who are just beginning their Jewish education as well as more advanced students. Temple Chai takes seriously the mandate of Tikkun Olam, repairing our broken world, and we invite people of all faiths to share in this sacred work. Our rabbis and cantor would love to meet with you to explore how you can find a spiritual home at Temple Chai.

5801 S Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283
Rabbi Dean Shapiro & Rabbi Jason Bonder

TEMPLE EMANUEL of Tempe is a vibrant Jewish community sustained by life-long relationships, excellent educational opportunities, and spirited fellowship. Since 1976, Temple Emanuel of Tempe continues to be a Reform congregation that honors tradition.

Temple Emanuel is the center for Jewish life, education, and community for Jews in the East Valley. As the only Reform temple in the Southeast Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Temple Emanuel attracts members from all traditions who are looking for a welcoming and inclusive community in which to enhance their spiritual journey, raise a family, educate their children, and live a meaningful life as a Jew in Arizona.

15030 N 64th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Rabbi Jeremy Schneider


TEMPLE KOL AMI is a relationship-centric, interfaith-welcoming, Reform community that honors tradition while embracing innovation. We see ourselves as a force for good, “doing Jewish” across The Valley via unique social action programs. There’s something for everyone at Temple Kol Ami: an outstanding Early Childhood Center, a religious school kids love to attend, online Hebrew lessons, Boomer groups and many more meaningful opportunities for education, volunteerism, spiritual growth and fun.